Are abs worth it? April 30, 2019

I remember 6 years ago turning 30 and wanting to change my life. Don't get me wrong I was having a great time - I had settled to my new corporate life in Sydney having moved from the UK, had a great social life and best of all no longer suffered from the disordered eating I had in my twenties - but something was missing.

I had gone too far the other way, and although I was exercising (yoga, boxing and running almost everyday), it wasn't reflected in my body and it frustrated the hell out of me.

I remember vividly spending night scrolling the internet fascinated with women who had rock hard six packs and wondering if it was something I could achieve.I felt like it was the only thing missing from my otherwise great life. I would spend night after night obsessed with looking at these women and trying to figure out why my body wasn't reflecting what I thought it should be.

Now fast forward 6 years and I finally have that body I so desperately wanted, but it hasn't come without losing the life I had and a hell of a lot of life lessons taught in-between:

  • 1. I didn't get this body through continuing to do what I was doing. I took charge, trusted EVERYTHING to a professional and followed their advice implicitly.
  • 2. I didn't try and cut corners or find a quick fix. I followed the process diligently and kept my eye on the bigger picture knowing my ROI would repaid at some point in the future - I just wasn't sure when or how far into the future that would be.
  • 3. When I didn't see results in the first 6 months I didn't give it all in and decide I knew better than my coach - I trusted the process
  • 4. I continually pushed myself out my comfort zone and took myself to places I didn't want to go, both mentally and physically with my mental health, training and nutrition. I allowed myself to be totally in someone else control for a start and gave up all forms of exercise I knew and were my form of enjoyment at the time for the bigger goal in mind.

But me being Miss Type A likes to take things to extremes and in the process of this pursuit I also forgot who the person on the left was, broke up with my long term partner mostly because of it, lost touch with my sister (and best friend) for almost a year, lost all sense of what is 'normal' and a social life and nearly made myself bankrupt in the process by trying to make it my career as well as my hobby. And it wasn't until I got these abs I realised what a lame goal it was when everything else I had lost had been so much more important. 

So I did a lot of self work, took time to figure out who I was and who I wanted to be, and realised that having abs is AMAZING (like I won't deny it it feels good) .. but you have to be willing to sacrifice a lot. If you want them - great! Do everything in your power to get them (bearing i mind some people just won't genetically get there) - but be prepared to sacrifice you as you are right now to be that person and ask yourself - is it really worth it? 

For me I have found happy medium and to be honest I find it pretty easy after years and years of behind the scenes work to maintain my physique like this. But it hasn't come without a price and I wont deny that. At the end of the day you have to do what is right for you and as long as you are at peace with that and aware of the consequences and sacrifices involved - that' totally within your right.