How to get connected to your heart December 03, 2018

One thing that has come up for a lot of my clients lately is being stuck in their heads and unable to listen to what their heart really wants and needs.

It can lead to anxiety, conflict, lack of motivation - the list goes on. I even did a post a while ago talking about how we have a tendency to 'rabbit hole' our thoughts and let them get away from us - we all do it. There are plenty of techniques and tools out there to stop you getting too caught up in your thoughts - but then where do you go from there? Unless you are well connected with your heart you could soon find yourself right back in your head.

Which is where heart breathing comes in. I'm not an expert my any means but it's something I was taught a few years ago, still regularly practice and pass onto my clients. It's a way to bring breath and awareness to the heart and is a great way to check in with ourselves and find out how we are really doing away from our thoughts. Heart breathing is great for instant relaxation, a form of meditation AND a way of connecting with our hearts - something that can be all too easy to ignore given half the chance.

Checking in with your heart is something you can do every day and you don't need to be a yogi to do it but it can be tough. It can make you feel uncomfortable and silly - I know that's how I felt when I started - but once you get connected it feels amazing.

It's accessible to you anywhere just by closing your eyes and getting connected. Simply close your eyes, put your hand on your heart and say out loud 'How are you?', 'Do you need anything from me?' or 'Is there anything I can do for you right now?' I ask my clients to do this morning when waking, every time they go to the bathroom, walking, taking a shower etc, just quick check in's during the day can make all the difference in keeping you grounded.

Sounds simple right? Asking the questions is - but connected with the heart not so much. The key is to WAIT for an answer. When I first started practicing this it took me a long time to get out of my head and for a long time the dialogue didn't come. But when it does you will know because it's filled with love, compassion and emotion. And sometimes the answer is as as simple as telling yourself you are enough as you are or you are worthy or you love yourself (try saying that to yourself i the mirror naked and see how you feel) - not as easy as it sounds!

And if all this sounds confronting and scary that's because it is - but then any self growth and development is well worth it in the long term. So give it a go, and keep practising - what do you have to lose?!