Would you still train if you had the ultimate body comp? May 02, 2019

I have had so many people ask me 'what now?' What now you have done your shoot? What now you have maintained being this lean for so long? So now what's your goal?

There was a time when I would have prepped for a photoshoot and thought the same thing. I liken it to preparing for a big party or wedding - there is so much lead up to the day and once it's done it's like 'what next?" You feel as though you have no purpose, no direction and think 'what's the point?' It can be a massive anti climax that leaves you feeling deflated and lacking any type of motivation. But this time it was different. Because my end point was never the photoshoots themselves. Sure they were fun, but they were just a way for me to showcase my lifestyle that got me to that point. A lifestyle I have been living for years now. Nothing really changed in the lead up to the day (in fact I ate more and trained less), I loved the shoots but once they were done it was straight back to the same habits, routine and lifestyle that allowed this prep to be so easy.

You see these things, no matter what the goal, never change. They are a way of life. The goal may change yes, but the habits, routines, training regime, food prep - all of it remains the same and that's what stops me from lacking motivation once I have hit a goal. I just change my mindset, re-focus, and live the next day just like any other.

Where people go wrong, and in my opinion one of the key things which causes yoyo dieting and training, is people get too caught up on the end goal and forget to enjoy the journey. They train from a place of self loathing as opposed to self love - so desperate to change a part of them because they believe it will ultimately be that one missing piece that makes them happy. But the reality is they either don't get there or once they do it leaves them feeling unfulfilled and they have no other choice but to fall back into their old ways. It's what's comforting and what they know.

But once you take your mind off just the end goal, and start focusing on changing little habits, routines and day to day behaviours along with developing the mind to be healthy as well as the body - once you hit that goal you are proud of yourself for hitting hit but also ready to tick it off and set a new one knowing the fundamentals never change.

So back to my 'what now?' As I said nothing changes in terms of my behaviours, the way I eat and the way I train. Do I have new goals? Yes. I will now be moving into a hypertrophy and strength phase over the winter months to build more muscle and enhance my shape. I get to eat more food, training changes slightly, but other than that it's business as usual. This is my life, and how I chose to live every day. I'm not saying it's easy, but it's what i chose to do to hit my goals. And if you have any type of health or body comp or strength goals I urge you to remember these long term adaptations don't come from short term changes. Focus on the long term habit and routine changes and then any goal you pick will come to you a lot easier, quicker and stay around.